Remember Scooby Doo? That’s us.

but minus the Mystery Van (for now).

Our aim is to be a resource to the LP community, a dose of color in what is often a black & white world. An oasis of alignment, if you will, in a barren world of investment hucksters.



In 1997 Omar aimlessly wandered into the world of high finance and spent almost 8 years in a variety of forgettable roles with even more forgettable results. Saddled with almost $1mm of debt and a James Dolan like streak of mediocrity and disappointment he finally realized something had to change. After a failed 6 month run as a professional Powerball player he also came to the conclusion he wasn’t good with numbers. Rather than move into his parents basement he launched Lou & Sons in 2005, mainly so no one would ever be able to fire him again.


Based in London, Sophia brings a diverse network of contacts to the company after working as an international TV journalist for thirteen years. As a presenter, journalist, photographer, and occasional wedding crasher, she’s traveled to over fifty countries, reported on stories from Lapland to Uganda, broadcast from a royal wedding, and interviewed the Dalai Lama. Sophia now runs the Lou & Sons EMEAA office and is usually found somewhere between Mayfair, Mykonos and Miami.



Emma is a recent graduate from The Pennsylvania State University, where she was a Marketing major with a minor in tailgating. Prior to graduating, she had interned at The Children’s Investment Fund, Chick Mission, and Credit Suisse in their Prime Services and Execution Services rotations. Since September 2021, she has been working with Lou & Sons. doing what will probably be the hardest job she will ever have- keeping Omar organized.


Based in Boston, Madie recently graduated from Brown University after studying Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations. Madie’s interest in entrepreneurship led her to work at Brown’s Technology Innovation Department. Since August 2023, she began in a new innovation role, directing operations at Lw3 through creative and practical applications for Omar’s ambitious ideas. Either in a Western ski town or an East Coast summer oasis, Madie spent the past year fostering relationships within various communities and plans to utilize those skills and partnerships to continue to expand the reach and client offerings of Lw3.


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